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The full range of audit services from our company includes:

Audit of accounting and other financial statements;
Thematic audit;
Checking the authorized capital (liquidation balance sheet);
Other audit services;
Analysis of tax accounting, checking its form and content for compliance with current legislation.

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Audit services are the provision of services for independent verification and assessment of reporting, accounting of the activities of an enterprise or organization. The BuhUa company carries out, in Kiev, both comprehensive and thematic audits (i.e. checking individual sections of financial statements). Our company employs only experienced employees who can complete assigned tasks efficiently and promptly. We work with LLC, CJSC, sole proprietorship (SPD, individual entrepreneur) and other forms of ownership of enterprises or organizations.

Audit services may be required in order to assess the efficiency of the enterprise. Also, after checking all the organization’s reporting, you can:

  • detect discrepancies between the accounting department’s work and current Ukrainian legislation, as well as errors in financial reports;
  • analyze all expenses and income of business activities;
  • find possible risks for the organization;
  • monitor the efficiency of the enterprise in the future;
  • take a number of actions to reduce enterprise costs;
  • assess the feasibility of introducing new technologies to carry out various financial transactions.

All of the above will allow the entrepreneur:

  • reduce possible risks of conflict with government agencies;
  • improve business processes by introducing new technologies;
  • increase the profitability, profitability and efficiency of your enterprise;
  • prepare for the upcoming tax audit;
  • avoid unnecessary material losses in the future;
  • minimize other financial losses and penalties.

If the audit is carried out by experienced specialists, then the entrepreneur will be able to ultimately obtain an accurate and independent expert opinion on the financial activities of his enterprise or organization. Guided by these conclusions, he will be able to make the necessary decisions for further successful business.

Our auditing company BuhUa has been on the market for several years, and our specialists have already managed to declare themselves as true professionals.

The overall audit consists of:

  • analysis of accounting;
  • checking individual data in the financial statements of the enterprise;
  • full analysis of all financial statements of the enterprise.

The result of the audit is:

  • competent and accurate audit report;
  • audit report with absolutely all necessary recommendations.

The results of the audit conducted by specialists from BuhUa are a guaranteed confirmation for the entrepreneur that everything is in order with the financial statements of the enterprise, and they are maintained in accordance with the current Ukrainian legislation, or recommendations for eliminating errors and optimizing accounting. If you also want to make sure of this, then contact us at any time convenient for you. The prices for audit services in our company are quite acceptable for every citizen of Ukraine, and our experts are trustworthy!

You can find out the cost of auditor services during a consultation with BuhUa or by calling the contact phone number.

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