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Our tax consultant will also be able to guarantee any of the following tasks:

Determination of the amount of funds of the enterprise that were withdrawn from taxation.
Audit of tax accruals.
Checking the fulfillment of tax obligations and the absence of tax debts.
Taking steps to pay taxes on time.
Determining whether all norms and acts of tax legislation were fully and truly taken into account when calculating the amount of taxes and other fees payable.
Other tasks and problems that need to be solved and eliminated.

We also remind you that you can transfer your accounting records in any state and at any stage of the activity of the enterprise or organization.

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A tax audit or examination of a company, which will be carried out by our specialists, consists of a set of services that are of an advisory nature and aimed at checking the activities of the enterprise from a financial point of view. This procedure is carried out for only one purpose, which is to minimize any risks that arise during the circulation of funds, as well as to prevent tax offenses. In addition, tax analysis will be able to reliably show whether the current tax system does not contradict the modern legislation of Ukraine.

The examination methodology may be different. But experts from our company BuhUa carry out tax examinations according to the following principle:

  1. Analysis and assessment of taxes and fees that are payable.
  2. Specialist consultations regarding optimization of accounting and tax payment.
  3. Checking the compliance of the adopted taxation system with current legislation.
  4. Assistance in the development and adoption of a more effective tax payment system (its modification).
  5. Drawing up clarifying documents, as well as applications to the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine (if necessary).
  6. Representation of interests in tax authorities and court (if necessary).

The result of the examination carried out by our specialists will be an expert opinion, which will indicate whether the tax system applied at the enterprise complies with the legislation of Ukraine. In addition, tax expertise from BuhUa will help identify any, even minor, financial losses and develop a set of measures to reduce tax risks.

The cost of tax accounting examination is calculated separately for each client and case. The formation of value is influenced by the following factors:

  • number of objects that need tax audit, as well as their types;
  • complexity of implementation and amount of further work;
  • need to visit the enterprise;
  • number of tax consultants needed to perform the examination.

You can always discuss and clarify the cost of tax examination services provided with our employees by calling the contact phone number or when contacting us.

There is no need to wait for the moment when the risks of financial losses increase even more or problems with the tax authorities arise. Experienced experts will be able to reduce them and eliminate problems with the tax authorities now!

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