Accounting Services
Outsourcing Payroll

Individual entrepreneur
Service Type Price Duration
Accounting for individual entrepreneurs No activity from 750 UAH month
Accounting for individual entrepreneurs Minimal activity from 1500 UAH month
Service Type Price Duration
LLC accounting No activity from 1500 UAH month
LLC accounting Minimum activity from 5000 UAH month
You can order full accounting services or one of the services listed above separately. In addition, we provide accounting services not only in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine remotely.

Our specialists will be able to provide the following accounting outsourcing services to their clients:

restoration of accounting;
assistance with choosing the optimal taxation system and accounting scheme;
examination/audit of accounting;
work with banking operations;
assistance with payroll for company employees;
generation and submission of accounting and tax reports;
consulting during a conflict situation with tax authorities;
appealing the decision of the fiscal authorities;
consulting during preparation for searches, seizures and other actions carried out by regulatory authorities;
legal services
You can choose one of the convenient service options by ordering full accounting services or partial accounting services, i.e., one of the services listed above separately. By signing an accounting outsourcing agreement with us, you yourself will experience all the benefits of such cooperation, because you will be able to significantly increase the efficiency of your accounting department, thereby ensuring the stability of your business.

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Entrepreneurs who notice that their in-house accountants are not coping with their responsibilities or realize that maintaining accounting employees is too expensive for the company often think about ordering outsourcing accounting services.

The BuhUA company offers its clients remote accounting services for enterprises or organizations (individual entrepreneurs, SPD, LLC), regardless of the current tax system and type of activity.

If you want to order accounting outsourcing – then you have come to the right company. First of all, accounting outsourcing provided by specialists from BuhUA – This is a guaranteed quality of remotely provided services. After all, you entrust the accounting of your enterprise or organization not to one full-time accountant, but to a whole team of highly qualified specialists who are well acquainted with both accounting and Ukrainian financial, tax, business, and administrative legislation in general. In other words, instead of a full-time employee working only in his or her core field of activity, you get a universal specialist who can provide both accounting and legal services.

Another good reason why you need an outsourced accountant – This is a monetary benefit. By contacting BuhUA, you will not have to worry about paying monthly salaries for full-time staff and other expenses that will go towards renting premises, equipping a workplace and purchasing licensed programs with their subsequent updating.

Among other things, a full-time employee may get sick, take a vacation, or quit altogether. Our specialist will never let his client and his business down! Even if one of the specialists gets sick, he can be replaced by another, no less professional employee.

Our company guarantees high-quality execution of the ordered work within the agreed time frame, complete safety of the trade secrets of your enterprise. And the cost of accounting outsourcing in our company BuhUA will pleasantly surprise you!

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