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The audit carried out by BuhUa consists of providing the following services:

Analysis of various financial documentation, as well as transactions carried out on their basis;
Checking financial activities for compliance with the requirements of current legislation;
Consultation regarding the elimination of errors and shortcomings;
Other consultations regarding the correctness of accounting and taxation in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

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A statutory audit is a procedure for an independent audit of accounting and other financial reporting at an enterprise. The purpose of the audit is aimed at confirming the reliability and legality of all financial statements of a particular organization, as well as improving its performance. The purpose of the audit is to show the real state of the financial situation at the enterprise, which, first of all, is necessary for the manager to make correct and thoughtful decisions. The audit result helps to increase the confidence of clients, partners, creditors and investors in this company.

According to Law “On Auditing Activities”, a mandatory audit of an organization (LLC, JSC) is carried out annually. Mandatory inspection applies to many large enterprises and organizations in Ukraine, including:

  • companies engaged in the purchase and sale of securities;
  • any financial institutions (banks, credit and trust companies);
  • insurance organizations;
  • public joint stock companies;
  • other enterprises subject to audit.

When the audit by our company is completed, the specialist will issue an independent audit report that will confirm the correctness of the accounting and other financial statements of the business entity. In addition, auditors will provide detailed recommendations to the management of a particular organization or enterprise on how to conduct business more efficiently without breaking laws, and how the financial system can be optimized to reduce risks and losses.

Services for conducting mandatory accounting audits from BuhUa are provided to each client on the basis of an agreement, as required by Ukrainian legislation. The cost of the audit is calculated individually, depending on each specific case, and depends on:

  • on the audited volume of documents and financial statements;
  • on the type of activity of the inspected enterprise;
  • from providing additional services.

Every specialist in the field of providing audit services must know all audit criteria and be able to conduct an audit correctly and in the shortest possible time. Therefore, if you are looking for just such a professional who has all the necessary knowledge to analyze the financial activities of your enterprise or company, then you have come to the right place!

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