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At the stage of pre-trial conflict resolution, our company offers the following legal services:

control over the progress and results of a tax audit, analysis of its legality and feasibility;
drawing up appeals to challenge inspection decisions for submission to the fiscal service;
drawing up complaints regarding actions or inactions of the tax service for submission to higher authorities;
drawing up complaints regarding the work of specific representatives of the fiscal service;
conducting negotiations with representatives of the tax service;
resolving tax disputes regarding the collection of excess amounts of money from the company’s account, as well as their return.

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Even perfect accounting will not protect you from disputes with fiscal authorities. At a minimum, because they may make mistakes during the audit and force you to pay unnecessary fines or taxes. If any conflicts arise, you can always contact BuhUa. Our accountants, providing accounting services in Kyiv, have extensive experience that will help analyze the economic activities of your organization, and lawyers will prepare complaints and claims to the appropriate authorities. Through joint efforts, our team of specialists will definitely find a way to prove you are right and return the money you spent in vain. We will help you resolve tax disputes, both at the pre-trial stage and directly during legal proceedings.

If a conflict arises with the tax service, first of all, you should try to resolve everything without resorting to court. This allows you to speed up the resolution of the dispute and save money; at a minimum, you will not have to pay court fees. Pre-trial settlement of tax disputes is negotiations with representatives of fiscal authorities aimed at finding a compromise.

If negotiations do not help resolve a tax dispute, then the case is referred to the courts at various levels. The BuhUa company will help in resolving any conflict situations and offers its clients a wide range of services, including:

  • examination of documentation on the tax audit, primarily focusing on acts of verification of tax reporting;
  • drafting and filing appeals to the court;
  • protection of the client’s position during legal proceedings;
  • control over enforcement proceedings.

The cost of our company’s services is very affordable. When forming our pricing policy, we take into account clients with different income levels and try to ensure that anyone can afford the services of a leading specialist. Basically, the price depends on the volume of analytical work, the urgency of the case, the number of disputed documents, the qualifications of specialists and the complexity of the case as a whole.

It should be noted that resolving a tax dispute through the court will cost more, since it involves the involvement of our lawyers to participate in the meetings.

As a result, our specialists will do everything to return illegally withheld tax amounts or fines and force the fiscal authorities to fulfill their direct obligations.

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