Accounting Services
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Our specialists will be able to provide the following accounting services to their clients:

preparation and submission of financial statements, as well as restoration of the company’s accounting records;
assistance with payroll calculations and working time tracking;
choosing the optimal tax system to reduce the tax burden;
checking the calculation of taxes and fees, their accrual;
providing recommendations and advice on behavior during inspections carried out by regulatory authorities;
negotiating with tax authorities;
cooperation with financial and credit organizations, performing all types of banking operations;
accounting examination;
legal support.

We also remind you that you can transfer your accounting records in any state and at any stage of the activity of the enterprise or organization.

Cost of accounting support services

Individual entrepreneur
Service Type Price Duration
Accounting for IE No activity from 750 UAH month
Accounting for IE Minimal activity from 1500 UAH month
Service Type Price Duration
LLC accounting No activity from 1500 UAH month
LLC accounting Minimum activity from 5000 UAH month
You can order full accounting services or one of the services listed above separately. In addition, we provide accounting services not only in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine remotely.

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Of course, you can hire full-time accountants to do your accounting, but it is worth noting that this option will be very unprofitable for you and full of disadvantages. For example:

  • A full-time employee will not always be able to carry out his work uninterruptedly, since from time to time he needs vacation or sick leave. This will not happen in the case of employees from our company. Even if our specialist gets sick, he can be replaced by another.
  • Today it is quite difficult to find an experienced employee who would understand all accounting operations, and also be thoroughly familiar with tax legislation. We have just such employees. Each BuhUA specialist periodically undergoes advanced training, constantly improves, and gains the necessary experience from working with other clients.
  • The maintenance of a full-time accountant is very expensive for companies, since in addition to paying salaries, he requires special programs for work, for which it is necessary to purchase updates, and an equipped workplace. When ordering services from BuhUA, you will be 100% sure that you are not overpaying, because the work of our specialists will cost you much less than maintaining regular staff.

In addition, BuhUA employees are well acquainted with Ukrainian legislation, so they will be able to offer both legal and accounting support for the organization’s activities.

Our specialists work with each customer individually. Accordingly, the cost of accounting support is also calculated separately for each client, before he signs a service agreement.

Firstly, the price of our services will depend on whether you order full or partial accounting support for companies. Secondly, the price calculation will be influenced by factors such as the volume of work, time and the number of specialists that will be needed to complete it.

If you need high-quality and affordable accounting and tax support for companies (LLC, sole proprietorship, SPD), but you still doubt the choice of appropriate specialists, then you made the right choice when you contacted our company BuhUA.

Accounting maintenance by our specialists will help you not only save money, but also always be calm about the state of accounting at the enterprise. Each of our specialists will be able to complete any assigned task efficiently and on time: from preparing reports to conducting accounting examinations.


In what cases can tax authorities deprive an entrepreneur of the right to work on a single tax?

Tax authorities have the right to deprive you of working on a single tax in the following cases:

  • filing an application for cancellation by the entrepreneur himself (in case of a change in taxation);

  • lack of payment of single tax during the last two quarters;

  • closing a private entrepreneur;

  • exceeding the number of hired workers;

  • exceeding the maximum amount of income for the corresponding group;

  • conducting business activities prohibited under the simplified system.

Who is responsible for late payment of taxes by the bank?

If the bank does not remit the tax on time, penalties are not applied to the entrepreneur. To do this, the taxpayer must submit to the tax authorities (department of revenues and duties) a letter with copies of payment documents confirming the fact of their timely submission to the bank. If the bank’s guilt is proven, the banking institution is obliged to pay a fine for each day of late payment, and penalties in the amount established by the NBU at the time of detection.

How can a sole proprietor hire an employee?

Since 2015, registering an employment contract at the employment center has been cancelled.

  1. Conclude an employment contract.

  2. Create an administrative document.

  3. Send a notification to the tax office.

Is there a fine for non-payment of the unified social tax due to lack of income from the financial institution?

For non-payment by an entrepreneur of the Unified Social Insurance Policy, a fine is imposed, regardless of the reason for the non-payment.

How to understand which tax system to choose?

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