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A BuhUa tax consultant will be able to provide the following consulting services for his client:

consulting on the choice of taxation system and other issues that arise during the operation of an enterprise or organization;
analysis of each tax risk during the conclusion of a transaction, signing an agreement;
assistance in the reorganization of an enterprise or organization, assistance in creating a new business structure in accordance with the chosen or current taxation system;
tax legal advice on any other issues related to current Ukrainian legislation.
tax assistance from lawyers and advocates who can help resolve tax disputes (appealing decisions of fiscal authorities, representation in court);

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* from registration to liquidation, from small to large, single tax or general system, complex VAT, payroll, enterprises 40 million +, financial monitoring and tax residency, we will help you to distract yourself from all this and do your business.

Tax laws change quite often. Keep track of all changes yourself – not so easy. This is why you may need tax advice. A tax lawyer will be able to provide appropriate tax advice and answer all your questions regarding the choice or optimization of the current tax system, and analyze the future transaction for compliance with the requirements of current Ukrainian legislation.

Consultation on tax issues may be needed both at the beginning of a business activity and during the operation of an enterprise or organization (for example, during a reorganization). Competent advice and recommendations from experts will help minimize taxation and thereby carry out proper reorganization, or even create new branches or branches of the enterprise without any financial and tax risks.

Qualified legal advice on taxes will help entrepreneurs increase efficiency in the preparation and submission of declarations and other documentation within the required time frame, and reduce the risks of their non-acceptance due to violation of the requirements for content and form. This will also help avoid various fines that are usually imposed on the company in such cases.

Consultations from BuhaUa specialists will help you resolve any tax issues! Even if the case goes to court, you can always count on the support of one of our company’s experienced lawyers. We will be able to appeal the decision of the fiscal authorities and, if necessary, protect your interests and the interests of your company in court.

All tax advice is provided exclusively by experienced specialists who are well acquainted with tax law and new changes in it. The services of a tax consultant from our company BuhUa are provided for both individuals and legal entities on very favorable terms. You can clarify any information and ask any questions you may have right now by calling the contact phone number.

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