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Maintaining accounting records in LLC Kyiv

Maintaining accounting records in LLC Kyiv

Our specialists will be able to provide the following accounting services for LLCs:

establishment, support or restoration of accounting at the enterprise;
assistance in choosing the type of taxation system with its further optimization;
preparation of financial and tax reporting and its submission to the fiscal authorities;
maintaining enterprise documentation;
support of all inspections and reconciliations of the enterprise’s activities.

We also remind you that you can transfer your accounting records in any state and at any stage of the activity of the enterprise or organization.

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Outsourcing accounting for an LLC – This is the most attractive alternative to conventional accounting. Indeed, in the current economic situation in Ukraine, entrepreneurs are forced to constantly save in order to achieve increased profitability of the company. This service opens up a lot of possibilities for this. Accounting – This is a service of transferring the accounting of an enterprise to another company specializing in this, on the basis of a pre-concluded agreement. The cost of such a service is usually within the standard salary, and that’s where all your expenses end. You do not spend money on setting up a workplace for accounting, advanced training courses, licensed accounting programs, document forms, etc. As a result, a significant amount of money remains free for further investments. The BuhUa company in Kyiv offers outsourcing for LLCs, regardless of the type of taxation system. We can both organize accounting for a new company from scratch, and optimize it for an already functioning one. By contacting us, you will quickly see a significant increase in the efficiency of your business.

Our company BuhUa in Kyiv offers its clients a wide range of accounting services and a high level of service. We have a fairly large staff of employees who easily replace each other. This allows us to ensure constant control over the maintenance of accounting and tax records in the LLC. You can rest assured of their professional skills. After all, everyone has extensive practical experience and appropriate education.

We have earned the trust of our clients thanks to responsible and well-coordinated work, constantly focused on results. You can order one-time accounting services for an LLC or enter into a subscription service agreement for a long term. In any case, we guarantee you:

  • safety of data confidentiality, including commercial secrets of the enterprise;
  • timely receipt of interim accounting data, as well as all necessary reporting;
  • comprehensive analysis of the company’s tax accounting with its subsequent optimization;
  • competent and efficient organization of accounting in the company;
  • reduce accounting costs for your business.

Accounting services or accounting outsourcing from BuhUa – This is a profitable, convenient and modern way of accounting for an enterprise. By turning to specialists, you can be sure that the documentation is impeccable and not be afraid of tax audits.

We try to create an individual package of services for each client, depending on his needs and wishes. In general, our specialists will do everything to establish accounting at the enterprise in accordance with the legislative norms of Ukraine.

For our clients, we have created an affordable pricing policy and a flexible payment system. Basically, the cost varies depending on the volume of document flow, the scope of the enterprise, the type of taxation system, the number of scheduled visits, and other things. You can accurately calculate how much it costs to maintain accounting records in an LLC in consultation with one of our specialists at any convenient time.

Service Type Price Duration
LLC accounting No activity from 1500 UAH month
LLC accounting Minimum activity from 5000 UAH month


Does the founder have the right to register the legal address of the LLC at his place of registration?

The legislation of Ukraine does not provide for any restrictions regarding the legal address. The founder can indicate the legal address at the place of registration. You need to take the choice of a legal address seriously. In this case, one should take into account the fact that the person may not live at this address and receiving correspondence will be complicated, and a number of personal inconveniences may also arise.

Can the founder of an enterprise serve as a director and sign statements?

The Economic Code of Ukraine determines that the founder of an enterprise has the right to perform the functions of a director and sign tax reports. To do this, it is necessary to draw up minutes of the general meeting and provide information to the state administration authorities at the place of registration.

Does the founder’s work experience as a founder of an enterprise count toward his length of service?

The legislation of Ukraine does not provide for the conclusion of an employment contract with the founder, and accordingly, the length of service is not calculated. The founder receives dividends, which are subject to personal income tax and military duty received in the form of dividends.

How to understand which tax system to choose?

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