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We also remind you that you can transfer your accounting records in any state and at any stage of the activity of the enterprise or organization.

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By contacting the BuhUa company, you are guaranteed to receive a VAT refund from the budget. Thanks to many years of experience in Kiev, we can help you resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Value added tax (VAT) is regulated by Section 5 of the Tax Code of Ukraine. Any entrepreneur can become its payer on a voluntary basis. But at the same time, according to Article 181 of the Tax Code of Ukraine, enterprises whose annual income exceeds 1 million UAH. (excluding VAT) are required to register for this tax. The legislation provides for several VAT rates:

  • regular rate of 20%;
  • reduced rate of 7%, which applies to persons engaged in the supply of medicines and equipment for hospitals;
  • zero interest rate, which applies to some areas of activity, for example, the export of goods. The exact list is presented in the Tax Code of Ukraine.

To calculate VAT, you need to subtract the available tax credit from the total amount of obligations indicated in the invoices for the reporting period. If the tax credit is greater than the liability itself, the taxpayer can claim a refund of the value added tax. This right is guaranteed by Article 200 of the Tax Code of Ukraine. Despite the legality of the procedure, it is not so easy to carry out. In order to quickly obtain a tax refund, it is better to immediately contact specialists. After all, it is necessary to competently prepare documents for VAT reimbursement and submit them to the fiscal authorities on time.

In order not to worry once again about how to return VAT, contact our company. Our specialists will explain this procedure to you and help you complete it as quickly as possible.

After reviewing the specifics of your case and analyzing the documentation for the reporting period, we will assess all the chances of a tax refund and draw up a plan for VAT refund. Specialists will carry out calculations confirming the overpayment of tax and prepare a declaration according to which compensation will be returned. They will also prepare an application for tax refund and VAT receipt. This will serve as the basis of evidence that you are right and will help you quickly receive compensation. You will not need to worry about anything, because we will take control of the entire procedure and bring it to the end.

Our employees in Kyiv can carry out VAT refunds, both at the pre-trial stage and directly in court. After reviewing the case materials, you can choose the most optimal option for you. Practical experience and deep knowledge of specialists help to effectively solve any problems related to VAT refund, even when importing or exporting. When ordering a service from us, you can be sure of a successful result.

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