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Stages of tax planning performed by us:

Analysis of the problem and setting tasks for implementation;
Analysis of the taxation scheme;
Identifying the main tools that can be used for optimization;
Development of a new tax payment model;
Implementation of a new taxation scheme (tax optimization);
Providing advice on reducing taxes and other mandatory payments in certain business transactions;
Conducting an audit;
Providing advice on other issues of interest regarding taxation.
When contacting us, you must provide our experts with all the documents and data you have regarding the activities of your company.

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With the tax legislation in force today in Ukraine and high tax pressure, it is very difficult for many enterprises. Tax planning is a legal procedure for minimizing mandatory payments and taxes, which is extremely necessary for any taxpayer. Tax optimization is a very responsible undertaking that requires a specialist who really knows how to optimize the activities of legal entities and individuals, business entities, in accordance with the requirements of current Ukrainian legislation and the goals set for the enterprise.

Planning of taxes and other obligatory payments, carried out by specialists from the BuhUa company, will help you reduce costs while taking into account all changes in the tax legislation of Ukraine. Our experts have extensive experience and high professionalism in the field of tax minimization, so they are guaranteed and competent to conduct a tax audit, provide all the necessary advice and recommendations to minimize taxes, fees and duties for the organization. If necessary, we can also provide business support services from scratch: tax registration and accounting.

The result of the work done will be a written opinion from our expert and the necessary written recommendations for your further actions. You can find out the cost of services directly during your request, since it is calculated individually for each client and directly depends on the specifics and volume of future work.

Five reasons why you should use our tax planning and minimization services:

  • Our company has been providing services in this area for several years.
  • Each of our specialists has the necessary work experience gained in organizations with various types of activities.
  • Tax optimization is an action that our specialists know firsthand, so they understand how to implement it in practice.
  • We are committed to doing the work efficiently and on time.
  • The best proof of excellent work done is our satisfied clients.

If you want to reduce all tax risks during tax planning, receive the necessary recommendations for reducing mandatory payments and at the same time not overpay for the services of specialists – then you have contacted the right company! You can contact our experts and discuss further cooperation right now by contact phone number.

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