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Our specialists will be able to provide the following accounting services to individual entrepreneurs:

preparation and submission of mandatory reports;
registration of electronic keys for submitting reports;
maintaining a book of income;
training individual entrepreneurs in the basics of accounting;
consulting in the field of Ukrainian legislation, as well as in matters of organization and management of business;
legal and legal support for individual entrepreneurs;
drawing up primary documentation and establishing document flow for individual entrepreneurs.

We also remind you that you can transfer your accounting records in any state and at any stage of the activity of the enterprise or organization.

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If you are planning to open your own business, then without competent accounting, profitability is out of the question. Proper accounting and timely submission of reports helps to avoid fines, but this is not all that is needed. An experienced accountant should be able to optimize tax accounting in order to be able to save on mandatory fees. For many years, the BuhUa company in Kyiv has been helping its clients set up accounting for their enterprises and reduce tax rates in a legal way. We can organize the accounting of individual entrepreneurs (SPD, PE) from scratch and advise on the choice of taxation system, as well as optimize the existing one. You can choose one-time accounting services or enter into a long-term subscription service agreement. We conduct accounting for enterprises with a general and simplified taxation system (STS). Sign up for a consultation with one of our specialists and develop an individual plan for cooperation with our company at an affordable price.

SPD accounting outsourcing from leading specialists

Accounting outsourcing for individual entrepreneurs – This is the transfer of accounting for an organization to a specialized company on the basis of a pre-concluded agreement. This service has been in great demand lately. After all, it allows you to save money and also makes life easier for a private entrepreneur. You do not need to select a staff of accountants, arrange workplaces, spend money on training and advanced training of employees, or provide them with consumables. You simply pay for the work of our specialists, which will not be more expensive than a regular salary, and forget about all the problems. It is worth noting that when you contact us, you will receive uninterrupted work, because we have a fairly large staff, and each employee easily replaces the other. You are unlikely to be able to achieve this from ordinary full-time accountants, since every person is sick or goes on vacation.

Basically, our assistance is individual in nature, and the package of services is formed depending on the client’s wishes. During your consultation, our accountant will help you identify your main needs and think through options for cooperation. We can provide various additional services if they fall within our competence, for example:

  • consultations and instructions on organizing desk audits and their support;
  • drawing up accounting policies for individual entrepreneurs;
  • preparation and filing of historical financial statements;
  • representation of the client in government authorities.

By contacting our company, you will receive high-quality and competent accounting services. All our specialists have undergone rigorous selection, have a prestigious education and many years of experience. Our work will protect you from penalties and problems with the tax service. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about how much it costs to maintain accounting records for individual entrepreneurs, because our pricing policy is very affordable. Also, we offer a flexible and loyal payment system. The cost mainly depends on the number of hired employees and the volume of document flow. To calculate the exact price of the service for your company, negotiate and conclude an agreement for the provision of accounting services, sign up for a consultation with one of our specialists at any convenient time.

Cost of accounting services for individual entrepreneurs:

Maintaining accounting records for individual entrepreneurs

No activity
from 750 UAH (month)

Maintaining accounting records for individual entrepreneurs

Minimum activity
from 1500 UAH (month)

By ordering accounting support from our specialists, you are guaranteed to be able to achieve the desired success in your personal business.


Is it necessary to confirm expenses for SPD and where should they be reflected?

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine dated June 19, 2015 No. 579 approved the Book of Income:

  • for entrepreneurs – 1st, 2nd, 3rd groups of non-payers of VAT

  • for travelers of the 3rd group – paid VAT payers.

All documents confirming the cost of accepting the obligation. Otherwise, you will be subject to an administrative fine.

Why do you need to deposit your proceeds to the bank?

Subject to the Regulations on conducting cash transactions in the national currency in Ukraine, the subject of the enterprise activity has the right to receive proceeds for this government activity, as well as for budget allocations and other payments. According to the provisions for private entrepreneurs, a cash limit is not established, and therefore no penalties are imposed. The FOP generates proceeds to the bank only to repay the loan.

Why does a private entrepreneur have the right to vikorize several taxation systems at once?

The law does not prohibit engaging in similar types of activities. Ale under this trace vrahuvat, scho podatkovuvat income overnight according to the rules of the two systems of podatkuvanniya legislation is not transferred. So, which supply system is best to work on: simple or unreasonable, accept it. Before you begin your activities, you must notify the supply authorities.

How to understand which tax system to choose?

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