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About us

Our accountants have carried out
already more than 1000 screenings

Your accounting will be audited by specialists with more than 15 years of experience,
who monitor laws, constantly improve their qualifications,
work as chief accountants
Yulia Lysak
Yulia Lysak
Senior Project Manager
Tatiana Prima
Tatiana Prima
Chief Accountant
Irina Tychina
Irina Tychina
Chief Accountant
Tatiana Dubrova
Tatiana Dubrova


My name is Philip Orlov

I am a lawyer and owner of the companies and For more than 15 years I have been helping international businesses with accounting and all legal issues.

I believe that routine accounting issues should not distract a businessman and manager from strategic tasks.

Do your business, and we will cover your rear in accounting, taxes and all legal matters, and you will do what you do best.

My name is Philip Orlov

Our Clients’ companies grow and develop, business changes, the complexity and number of issues changes. New needs, new questions and ideas appear, optimization of various accounting and tax processes, work patterns and document flow is required, and all this must be promptly monitored and implemented both on your part and on our part.

In order to constantly keep abreast of changes, we record all your requests and changes in your activities, and monthly evaluate compliance with our original plan and the complexity of the task. In order not to miss the moment when something changes for you and to eliminate failures in the transfer of information between our companies, insufficient competence or reaction speed of the specialist who is involved in your organization and your new business processes.

We systematically take into account not only the quantity and quality of your operations, but also the number and complexity of your requests, as well as the number and complexity of issues and situations unforeseen at the beginning of cooperation that arise during the work and life of your company.

For ourselves and our Clients, we divided the accounting department into 4 clear blocks by type of work and approach, and this formed the basis of our new work scheme:

1. Technical Accounting
tax and accounting calculator, prepare reports and figures based on the data you provide, etc.

2. Outsourcing, document management
generation of primary documents, bank management, communication with counterparties, etc.

3. Analytical accounting, consulting, legal services, personnel
complex non-standard tax and accounting transactions, VAT, fixed assets, dividend payments, etc. Training, consultations, development of documents and work plans, tax planning, everything that requires an individual understanding of the Client’s business.

4. Complex analytics associated with high risks
large turnovers or transactions, complex transactions, risky decisions, complex VAT and large fixed assets

It is extremely important for us to provide a high-quality level of service. We ensure coordinated work of qualified specialists. And it is our priority that our level of competence always meets your expectations. To do this, we carefully calculate the workload of our specialists and quickly distribute them among tasks, keeping our finger on the pulse of each Client.

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Our agreement is public, this is the norm in the 2020s in Ukraine and throughout the world, and it saves a lot of paper, which at least somehow helps save our planet. The public agreement describes the general terms of cooperation, and if necessary, we can formalize all individual agreements with you in the form of an additional agreement.

We are convinced that accounting and tax outsourcing in Ukraine is real, the future and the norm to which 80% of Ukrainian enterprises will eventually come, as is already happening in almost the entire civilized world In the USA, the European Union, Japan and, which was a bit of a surprise for us, even in China, the vast majority of enterprises use accounting and accounting management. taxes and outsourced legal services.

Accounting outsourcing is not a way to save costs on accounting, but a logical way to reduce the participation of management in non-core tasks. Construction companies hire architects, lawyers hire designers, we know from our own experience. how difficult it is to manage areas in which you do not specialize. We understand accounting and taxes, this is our profile and specialization, we are experts in this and have dedicated our lives to this, and we do it for our clients on a professional level.