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Organization of accounting at the enterprise

Organization of accounting at the enterprise

Our company guarantees:

competent organization of accounting and tax accounting, as well as their optimization;
flexibility and loyalty in terms of payment for services;
reliable and timely information about the work done and accounting at the enterprise as a whole;
complete confidentiality of data relating to your business and preservation of trade secrets.

Cost of accounting support services

Individual entrepreneur
Service Type Price Duration
Accounting for IE No activity from 750 UAH month
Accounting for IE Minimal activity from 1500 UAH month
Service Type Price Duration
LLC accounting No activity from 1500 UAH month
LLC accounting Minimum activity from 5000 UAH month
You can order full accounting services or one of the services listed above separately. In addition, we provide accounting services not only in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine remotely.

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Organization of accounting for enterprises and entrepreneurs in Ukraine

If you need to organize accounting for your company, the BuhUa company will be happy to help in this matter. We provide our services to clients in all districts of Kyiv and the Kyiv region. It is also possible to provide remote consultation in other regions of Ukraine. Accounting outsourcing is the main activity of our company. Organization of accounting – This is a service that involves transferring the functions of maintaining accounting and tax accounting to a specialized company on the basis of a pre-concluded agreement.

The BuhUa company will help optimize all processes of your business. Properly organized and delivered accounting – This is the key to successful operation of the enterprise. Setting up accounting – a procedure aimed at developing effective rules and principles for accounting in a company, ensuring uninterrupted accounting and minimizing costs.

The procedure for organizing accounting by our specialists consists of:

  • selection of a suitable optimal taxation system;
  • organization of document flow at the enterprise.

As a rule, accounting is carried out during the opening, reorganization and change of the type of activity of an enterprise, changes in legislation, as well as when restoring accounting.

You can order from us accounting from scratch, performance of certain functions, preparation of organizational reports and comprehensive services for a long time.

Optimization of the company’s activities – The task is not easy and requires constant monitoring. The level of profitability and profitability of an enterprise mainly depends on how well the accounting is organized. Our employees are ready to ensure uninterrupted work for you. Such coherence of work cannot be achieved by hiring full-time accountants. Consistency and stability of service provision – this is the main advantage of outsourcing.

By choosing accounting outsourcing instead of the usual employees, you can save a lot. The cost of services is significantly less than standard wages. Even if you equate the amount of payment to the salary, you will still save on organizing a workplace for staff, training and advanced training courses, purchasing accounting programs and necessary consumables.

Comprehensive accounting services from our company include maintaining primary documentation, preparing and submitting mandatory reports to the relevant authorities, as well as conducting reconciliations and audits of the company. Our specialists will do everything the same as a full-time accountant, only better. We work with all forms of organizations, including individual entrepreneurs and LLCs, and with all taxation systems.

The BuhUa company has many years of experience and a staff of highly qualified specialists. We can provide both one-time assistance and long-term subscription services. By contacting us, you can forget about problems and just watch how the profitability of your company is rapidly growing. We provide each client with quality services and an individual approach.

Organization of accounting at an enterprise will allow not only to correctly keep records and submit reports, but also to obtain reliable financial data that will contribute to making the right management decisions.

To find out more about the prospects for cooperation with us, just call our office or leave your request on the website. The cost of our specialists’ services will directly depend on the scope of work. But in any case, we will be able to choose an acceptable option for you. After all, the basic principle of our pricing policy – this is the availability of good service to everyone!


How should accounting be organized in an enterprise?

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine” dated July 16, 1999 No. 996-XIV, all issues related to the organization of accounting and recording the facts of business activities in the primary documents of the enterprise fall within the competence of the official or owner who carries out management enterprise. To ensure accounting, the enterprise independently chooses the form of its organization.

Is it necessary for an enterprise to approve an order on accounting policies?

According to the Accounting Law, an enterprise independently, with the confirmation of the owner or an authorized body (official), determines the accounting policy of the enterprise and issues an order on accounting policy, in which it is necessary to indicate a list of principles, methods, indicators that the enterprise will use for accounting, preparation and presentation of financial statements.

When auditing an enterprise, an accounting policy is a document that confirms the correctness of the enterprise’s accounting and justifies the choice of a particular method acceptable by national or international standards. Tax authorities do not have the right to evaluate or criticize the correctness of the choice of accounting policies.

Can a non-profit organization make a profit?

The definition of a non-profit organization is used for tax purposes (income tax). Clause 133.4.6 of the Tax Code of Ukraine defines a list of institutions and organizations that can be assigned this status.

The essence of the work of a non-profit organization is that income should be used exclusively to finance the costs of maintaining the organization, achieving the goals and objectives recorded in its constituent documents. Non-profit organizations are prohibited from distributing profits among its founders or other related persons. If this condition is not met, the institution is excluded from the Register of Non-Profit Organizations.

How to understand which tax system to choose?

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