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It is advisable to conduct an audit of financial statements in the following situations:

when increasing the authorized capital;
when testing the knowledge and accuracy of accounting by accountants;
when there is a change of director or chief accountant;
when obtaining licenses;
to check financial statements before submitting them to statistical authorities;
upon liquidation of the enterprise.

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Financial audit is an independent analysis and verification of the financial statements and results of an enterprise. An audit is necessary to determine the correctness and reliability of accounting and reporting. Therefore, it is very important to find truly professional and experienced specialists for such work who will cope with all assigned tasks 100%.

The mandatory audit is carried out in accordance with Art. 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Auditing Activities”. An initiative audit is carried out only at the request of the company’s owners.

An audit of financial activities in Kyiv, which is carried out with the help of BuhUa employees, will help you make sure that everything is in order with your reporting, and your actions absolutely comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and IFRS.

Among other equally important advantages of cooperation with us:

  1. Our experts carefully recheck the main performance indicators of enterprises and organizations, so even if some errors are identified, you can receive the right recommendations for eliminating them and thereby avoid penalties.
  2. An audit by our employees will help you improve the financial activities of your organization.
  3. The financial control and accounting audit that we will conduct will help confirm the authenticity of the information that you, as a manager, provide to your partners.
  4. The internal financial audit that we will conduct will help you obtain the data with which you will make the right management decisions without losses and risks.
  5. An audit of financial results is a completely confidential event, the result of which is a report containing very important information. We understand this, therefore, you can rest assured that only the management of the enterprise will receive a written expert opinion.

Often, our company uses a contractual method of calculating prices, and the cost of a financial audit, accordingly, is determined individually for each of our clients and depends on factors such as:

  • amount of work;
  • the period given to complete the work;
  • the number of specialists that will be needed to successfully verify financial statements, in particular accounting data.

But, nevertheless, we can assure you that the cost of an audit of financial statements conducted by our experts will be quite acceptable and affordable for you in terms of price/quality ratio.

Our employees have extensive experience in providing accounting and auditing services. We will be able to carefully double-check all financial documentation available at your company for any errors or inaccurate data. As a result of the audit, you are guaranteed to receive the right recommendations that will help you get rid of unnecessary problems, minimize costs and eliminate existing shortcomings.

You can contact us and arrange an audit at your enterprise at a time convenient for you!

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