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Our specialists will be able to provide the following accounting services to LLCs:

maintaining accounting and other financial documentation;
maintaining personnel records;
preparation and submission of all types of reports;
restoration of accounting;
providing advice and recommendations on issues related to taxation and cost reduction techniques;
assistance with the implementation of the simplified tax system;
full support of LLC during tax and other audits;
legal services for LLC on issues related to Ukrainian legislation;
other types of accounting and legal services.

We also remind you that you can transfer your accounting records in any state and at any stage of the activity of the enterprise or organization.

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The BuhUa company offers both one-time accounting services in Kyiv or remotely throughout Ukraine, as well as permanent ones, based on a concluded service agreement. Accounting services for an LLC in Kiev, provided by BuhUa specialists, will reduce the costs and financial risks of the enterprise, as well as forget about penalties once and for all.

The services of an accountant from our company will not only reduce the costs associated with maintaining full-time accounting employees, but also focus more attention on the main activities of the LLC.

Accounting outsourcing is carried out only by qualified specialists from the BuhUa company, who thoroughly possess the necessary knowledge and experience in the specifics of the enterprise’s activities and business in general. By agreeing to cooperate with us, you will reduce costs several times:

  • on hiring full-time accountants;
  • on the equipment of workplaces for full-time accounting employees;
  • on maintenance and updating of various accounting programs.

The accounting services provided by our company will help you forget about issues related to the timely preparation and submission of financial statements. Our team of experts is always aware of changes in the financial legislation of Ukraine, so they can really protect your company from possible penalties.

Among the information that needs to be discussed at the meeting, there will certainly be an agreement for accounting services and a discussion of the cost of the services provided. BuhUa provides accounting services on a one-time or ongoing basis. The cost of LLC accounting services is calculated individually for each client, depending on the amount of work and the time it will take to complete it. In addition, prices for accounting services will depend on the following factors:

  • number of specialists to perform the work;
  • company turnover;
  • the need to maintain warehouse records;
  • foreign economic activity;
  • the need to prepare primary documentation.

Cost of LLC accounting services:

LLC accounting

No activity
from 1500 UAH (month)

LLC accounting

Minimum activity
from 5000 UAH (month)

By ordering accounting support from our specialists, you are guaranteed to be able to achieve the desired success in your personal business.


How to obtain a certificate from the tax authorities confirming that a legal entity has no arrears in paying taxes and fees?

To obtain a certificate of no debt, the taxpayer must submit a written application to the tax authorities at the place of registration or submit an application electronically using digital signature keys. A certificate of no debt is provided on the basis of personal account card data, provided there is no tax debt. The period for issuing a certificate is 5 working days, its validity period is 10 calendar days.

Is there a deadline for restoring lost or damaged documentation?

The concept of limitation period should be understood as the period within which a business entity can exercise its rights in order to avoid negative consequences. In the event of loss or damage to accounting documentation that records income, expenses and other indicators of the organization’s financial activities, the tax authorities at the place of registration must be notified within five days. The legislation provides for a period of 90 calendar days for the restoration of lost documents.

What is the statute of limitations for correcting accounting errors?

The statute of limitations does not apply to correcting errors made in accounting. As for errors made in tax accounting, in this case the 1095-day period applies. In the event that the specified period has expired since the deadline for filing a declaration for the period in which the business transaction with an error was displayed, there is no need to adjust the data in the profit declaration.

How to understand which tax system to choose?

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