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We advise on these issues:

Consultations on choosing a taxation system and OKVED;
Providing recommendations on the correct preparation and completion of financial documentation;
Providing recommendations regarding the calculation of various types of enterprise costs (credits, deductions, taxes and fees);
Accounting support in many financial matters on an ongoing basis;
Legal advice on any issues regarding financial and other legislation of Ukraine.
You can order the services of our specialists, clarify the cost of accounting consultations, and also ask any questions regarding financial activities by contacting us at the contact phone number (063) 392 40 50

Cost of accounting support services

Individual entrepreneur
Service Type Price Duration
Accounting for IE No activity from 750 UAH month
Accounting for IE Minimal activity from 1500 UAH month
Service Type Price Duration
LLC accounting No activity from 1500 UAH month
LLC accounting Minimum activity from 5000 UAH month
You can order full accounting services or one of the services listed above separately. In addition, we provide accounting services not only in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine remotely.

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Consultation with an accountant in Kyiv

Accounting advice in Kyiv can be obtained both orally and in writing. A team of specialists from BuhUa will be able to competently provide you with all the necessary information, as well as recommendations for a specific situation. Any consultation provided by our employees fully complies with Ukrainian legislation.

Why us?

Consultations on accounting and taxation can help in many issues related to bookkeeping, optimization of the tax system, expense planning, preparation of financial statements and documentation. Therefore, for such a case, you need an experienced specialist who is well informed in the financial sector and knows all the laws and regulations of the relevant legislation of Ukraine.

By contacting us, you will receive advice on accounting that will allow you to avoid mistakes and shortcomings caused by lack of awareness in such matters. Our specialists, thanks to their vast experience, will be able to give the right recommendations and help get out of a difficult situation.

We will provide competent information support even in the most non-standard accounting issues. In addition, if necessary, we will conduct one-time consultations regarding the preparation of primary documentation, deadlines for submitting reports, changes in the legislation of Ukraine in the field of taxation and accounting.

The cost of our specialists’ services will depend on the specifics of the enterprise’s activities, the number of issues and their level of complexity. But we can assure you that even average prices for an accountant’s consultation, as well as financial advice from legal specialists, will be quite affordable for you. And during consulting, you are guaranteed to receive the right solution to optimize and rationalize your business.

What do you get from working with us?

Consulting an accountant in Kyiv will allow you, as a manager, to think less about the financial issues of the enterprise, and fully concentrate your personal time and energy on conducting your core business.


How can I correct errors in my tax return?

Let’s consider two answer options:

  • If you independently discover an error in a declaration that has been submitted to the tax authorities, but the deadline for submitting the report has not expired, you must submit a corrective declaration before the deadline for submitting the report. In the corresponding column of the corrective declaration, it should be indicated that the report is not “Reporting”, but “New reporting”. With this option for correcting errors, no penalties are assessed.

  • An error has been detected in the submitted declaration and the reporting deadline has expired. In this case, it is necessary to submit an updated declaration to the tax authorities. In the declaration column the “Updated report” is indicated, indicating for what period the corrections were made.

Do entrepreneurs of groups 1 or 2 have restrictions on the number of types of activities (KVED)?

For entrepreneurs working on a single tax of groups 1 or 2, the number of types of activities is not limited. When filling out the application, all types of activities chosen by the entrepreneur are indicated.

Is it a violation if an individual entrepreneur operating on a single tax pays for goods by barter?

The Tax Code of Ukraine determines that entrepreneurs operating on a single tax are required to make payments exclusively in monetary form by cash or non-cash payments. Settlements between entrepreneurs based on a single tax are barter; offsets are prohibited. When making settlements for such transactions, individual entrepreneurs on a single tax are obliged to switch to the general taxation system from the next reporting period.

Does an entrepreneur on a single tax have the right to switch from one group to another group in the middle of a quarterly period?

A transition from one group to another group is possible only from the beginning of a new quarter. In this case, you must first submit an application to change the group. Changing the group in the middle of a quarter is not provided for by law.

How to understand which tax system to choose?

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