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You can be sure that even during a one-time consultation you will be able to get all the necessary information:

on the correct conduct of tax and accounting or its restoration;
on drawing up income declarations and other payments to the budget;
on assessment of economic and financial activities;
analysis of enterprise assets;
on tax legislation issues to solve a particular problem;
on general issues related to management and management of finances, personnel and labor resources, etc.

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Consulting services related to accounting or tax accounting are especially significant for a business entity, since it can receive the necessary recommendations on labor legislation, taxation, civil and other laws. Often, not only an auditor’s consultation is required, but also an expert review of accounting, an assessment of various client accounts and reports, as well as providing advice on improving financial work.

Audit consultation in Kyiv, provided by an experienced specialist from the BuhUa company, will help you establish the process of maintaining accounting or tax records. During the consultation, an audit will be carried out, which is guaranteed to allow you to see the real state, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, operational efficiency, as well as the safety of all assets of the enterprise. In addition, peer review will identify any hidden liabilities or issues that need to be addressed.

Consultation from an auditor from BuhUa is provided either orally or in writing, either at one time or on an ongoing basis. If you need the services of a specialist for a long time, then you, as a customer, enter into a standard subscription service agreement with us. The cost of services of auditors from the company ranges from 2000 UAH. per month. Let us remind you that prices for services under the agreement will not depend on the number of consultations provided and are subject to recalculation within 30 days. That is why cooperation with our specialist will be very beneficial both for entrepreneurs who have recently created their own business, and for those business entities who have owned their own business for a long time.

  • field of activity of the client;
  • form of consultation (oral/written);
  • the volume of future work and the time required to complete it.

Each expert has extensive experience behind him and will really be able to conduct an audit properly. You will receive only reliable information on issues that interest you and help in solving the most difficult problem.

Don’t forget about problems in financial work, because the future of your company depends on it! And if you don’t know how to solve the problem, then you can get audit advice now by contacting our specialists at the contact number.

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