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Our specialists will be able to provide the following tax optimization services to their clients:

Tax consultation;
Correction of errors in tax reporting or assistance with the formation of new accounting;
Analysis of the current taxation scheme at the client’s enterprise; and or assistance with the formation of new accounting;
Assistance in reducing tax liabilities;
Consulting on issues related to double taxation and foreign trade activities;
Analysis of unresolved and controversial tax issues, as well as assistance in resolving them;
Optimization of enterprise taxation;

We also remind you that you can transfer your accounting records in any state and at any stage of the activity of the enterprise or organization.

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Tax minimization in Ukraine

Tax minimization on the territory of Ukraine every year is becoming an increasingly popular service that specialized companies can provide for business entities. This is due to the fact that tax rates and taxes themselves increase, and it becomes very difficult for taxpayers to fulfill their obligations to the state. In such cases, the only right decision will be – tax optimization. Tax planning and proper optimization – These are completely legal ways to reduce payments that are transferred to the budget. And if you are looking for experienced specialists who can quickly solve the problem of minimizing taxation in an enterprise or organization – then BuhUa will be happy to help you!

Tax planning and tax optimization today are very important for enterprises and organizations from a commercial point of view. As you know, most entrepreneurs start their own business to earn an annual income, but not because they want to pay high taxes to the state budget. Of course, every business entity must pay taxes, and evasion of such duties is strictly punished by the state, in some cases this is equivalent to a criminal case (Article 212 of the Criminal Code). But every entrepreneur has every right to reduce their tax obligations and reduce tax payments. It is in this case that such a service as tax planning and tax optimization comes in handy. This is a completely legal and very effective way that will help the taxpayer reduce the existing volume of payments.

In addition to the large number of taxes and fees that enterprises and organizations must pay, Ukrainian legislation also provides for a list of some tax benefits. It is thanks to these benefits that you can find the best options for reducing tax liabilities. The main thing is that the tax minimization scheme is drawn up correctly. BuhUa can help you with this and much more.

Every employee from BuhUa understands that tax optimization and tax planning – These are activities that must take place in accordance with the laws and regulations of Ukrainian legislation and increase the efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, our specialists will not only be able to reduce the level of payments for all taxes, but will also return your company to its former image of an honest taxpayer. We will be able to quickly and correctly create tax accounting, advise on all emerging issues related to tax law, and help with the organization of other documentation in accordance with all changes in the legislation of Ukraine.


How can taxation be optimized?

Taxation can be optimized by the organization’s accounting service or by involving third-party specialists. To optimize on your own, you need to carry out several algorithms: calculate the tax amount for the same period using different taxation systems, calculate the proportion of VAT payers, analyze the result and select the optimal taxation system. If it is difficult to carry out the analysis yourself, you should contact third-party specialists.

What is the difference between tax minimization and tax optimization?

Tax minimization is used to achieve optimization of enterprise taxation, rather than concealment of profits and tax evasion. Therefore, it is more correct to use the term optimization, since the legal use of methods and techniques permitted by law in activities and taxation will not entail negative consequences for the enterprise.

What methods are used for optimization?

Today, enterprises choose the most common optimization methods:

  • change of taxation system;

  • obtaining or canceling VAT payer status;

  • income distribution.

How to understand which tax system to choose?

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